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Beautiful Stranger by Lozzie


Tanya felt the alcohol creeping up on her. She downed the last of a double vodka and slammed the glass down on the overflowing bar. Shoving past a queue of girls, desperate for service, she searched the dance floor for Cindy.

Cindy, her so called mate, had dragged her to this rave club and Tanya wasn’t impressed. The attention seeking tarts in short skirts with their chest hanging out only annoyed her, and this place was full of them. Along with the perverts who enjoyed touching you up in a crowd, thinking you didn’t know it was him.

The smoke filled air made Tanya cough violently. She wanted to leave. She looked from the balcony to the dance floor. It was overloaded with dancing lunatics. Mostly drugged up boys pouncing about and super size girls trying to dance sexily. She scanned the crowd for Cindy. The green and blue laser lights flashed in a repeat pattern over peoples faces, none of them were Cindy. She was probably shoving her tongue down some muppets throat as usual, ever since her ex Cindy has tried to get with every idiot she could.

Tanya moved through the crowd towards the toilets. Inside she checked her appearance in the mirror. Her make up was smudged from sweating; she hated this overheated damn club! For second, she considered leaving Cindy here by herself; she quickly shook the thought away. She watched as two pretty girls next to her made lines of coke on the toilet bench, they snort the powder, checked their nose and left giggling.

“Jesus Christ,” Tanya muttered to herself, what the hell had Cindy got them into? She left the toilet and headed for the dance floor. She really wanted to find her friend.  An underage girl started shoving Tanya, she ignored her, as she could tell from the girls slurring words, she was obviously hammered and because of this, Tanya wasn’t going to start anything. In reality she would have knocked her out by now.

A boy appeared from nowhere, he shoved the girl back gently. Tanya watched as the drunken git moved away, probably looking for a next victim. The boy turned round to face her, his dark short hair was stuck to his forehead with sweat; his brown eyes scanned her body. Usually she would have slapped him for it, but right now she felt frozen in her spot. He smiled a cheeky grin and placed a hand on her hip as he slowly moved past her. As their bodies touched, their eyes met it was only a second, but it felt like hours. There and then she wanted to make love to him. Not have pointless sex, there was something about him that made her grasp that pointless sex didn’t interest him. She felt so attracted to him, yet she had only known him less then a minute.

She whispered a thanks and he smiled. He slipped away through the dancing crowd. Tanya knew that for those few seconds, she had fallen in love with a beautiful stranger. A hand grabbed her arm roughly. She spun around to see a rough looking Cindy.

“Where have you been?” Tanya shouted over the music.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s get out of here, I bumped into Pete again.” Cindy replied. Pete was Cindy’s ex, he was a nutter. Followed Cindy around everywhere, even after they were over. When Cindy visited Tanya with another black eye, she knew she had to talk some sense into her.

As they pushed through the crowd, Tanya kept a tight grip on her friends hand. She didn’t really want to see Pete again, he was nothing but trouble. Behind, Cindy had let her hand go. Tanya turned around in a panic and pushed, past two boys searching for her. She noticed Cindy standing between a couple as Pete screamed in her face. Tanya ran over and stood in front of Pete, blocking Cindy from him.

“Oi! I was talking to my girlfriend.” Pete Snarled.

“Pete, she ain’t your girlfriend. Go home eh? You’re not wanted.” Pete glared at her; she took Cindy’s hand quickly and began to drag her away. A figure pushing Pete caught their eye. They turned back around and joined the circle that was being formed by others watching the little scrap.

A drunken boy swung a Pete, he missed hopelessly. Pete grabbed him by his short and head butted him, sending him to the floor. Another boy got involved, and now there was a vicious fight in the middle of the dance floor.

Straightaway Tanya noticed the dark haired boy from earlier on trying to split the fight up. Pete punched him with something Tanya couldn’t see, and suddenly he backed away clenching his stomach.

Pete was pushing his way through the crowd now as a girl started to scream. The boy staggered back and fell to his knees; his hands were covered in blood. A bouncer finally appeared, and dropped to his knees immediately, holding pressure on the boys stomach.

The music had died down now, and everyone was silent. Tanya watched in horror. The boy that had stuck up for her, the boy she had thought of making love to only five minutes earlier, lay dying in front of her. He was no longer smiling, his eyes no longer shining as his life slipped away.

She wanted to help the bouncer, wanted to be involved, but she was frozen with reality that it was too late.

He breathed his last breath and as his dead eyes stared up at Tanya. She realised she didn’t even know his name.

© 2007