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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was written for a challenge at the Addictive Men Forum



Jensen checked his watch. She was due home from work any minute and he wanted to make sure tonight was special, because it was her birthday. They�d been together for almost two years and he loved her more with every passing day and this was his chance to prove it.

Walking over to the table he�d set for two, he made sure everything was set out perfectly before he dimmed the lights and checked his watch again. Two minutes until she walked through the door. There was just enough time to check on the food before her entrance.


Emma pulled up outside the house she shared with her boyfriend to find it cast in darkness and she frowned. She knew he�d gotten home hours ago, so to see it so lifeless was unusual.

She climbed out of the car and locked it as she walked toward the door. Finally she could relax after a long day at work. Despite it being her birthday, the day had run the same except for the small cake and bottle of bubbly everyone had pit together to get for her. So she was happy to be home. Reaching up to release her hair from the hair clip it had been confined to all day, she felt instant relief. As she was about to put her key in the lock, the door opened to reveal Jensen looking back at her.

�Hey gorgeous.� He greeted her with a soft and gentle kiss to her lips.

She was still as he pulled away. She waited every day for that kiss, and every time it got better.

Pulling open the door, he allowed her to walk inside to take in the sight of his hard work and he wasn�t disappointed by her reaction.

�You did all this for me?� She asked turning to him.

�Well, you�re 21. I couldn�t let today go without some flamboyant recognition.� He said stepping up behind her and circling her waist with his arms.

She rested her weight against him, lightly placing her head on his shoulder. �Thank you.�

He dipped his head slightly to kiss the end of her nose affectionately. �You�re welcome.�


Hearing her footsteps down the stairs, he walked over to the bottle of champagne he�d had chilling for the last hour and used a bottle opener to dislodge the cork.

She heard it pop as she walked in the room and another smile developed on her lips. �You�re amazing.�

He shrugged, �I know.�

�And oh so humble.� She giggled.

He pulled out her chair in a gentlemanly fashion, �Madam.�

She rushed over elegantly and took a seat, �Thank you Sir.�


�That was sensational.� She complimented the chef as they finished their main course.

�You wouldn�t believe how many practise runs I had to have before I produced something edible.� He announced with a short laugh.

�Well, you surpassed yourself. I may make a chef out of you yet.�

He sat gazing across the table at her for quite a while, taking in her beauty before paranoia got the better of her.

�What?� She asked softly.

�Nothing.� He responded with a small shake of his head. �You ready for dessert?�

She raised her eyebrows, �Mmm. What we got?�

�Chocolate mousse with strawberries.� He said reaching for something and placing it down in front of her. �Why don�t you open that while I get the pudding?�

She picked up the envelope and opened it. Inside was a greeting card, with the words �to the one I love� printed on the front. She read over the verse and what he�d written and tears sprung to her eyes. He was such a romantic and so proficient at expressing how he felt. If truth were told, she was envious. She always held back a little, to protect herself, but so far he hadn�t given her any cause to need to.

Getting out of her seat, she placed her card among the others on the fireplace and stood back to admire it when the lights cut out leaving her in darkness.

�Jensen?� She called out trying to feel her way toward him and banging into the chair she�d been sat on moments before. She cursed under her breath as the pain of the impact travelled up her leg. If there was an accident waiting to happen, she was sure to find it.

�Have we got any candles?� He called back from the kitchen.

�There�s a flashlight under the sink.�

�That�s not very romantic.� He stated the obvious.

She laughed, �Use it to find the candles. They�re in the top cupboard.�

It took him a minute or two to return with the candles already lit and in holders. �Found them.� He announced placing them in the centre of the table. �The irony is that I probably should�ve used these to set the mood anyway.�

�That�s what the dimmer switch is for.� She said letting him know the lighting hadn�t affected the night as she made her way back to her chair.

But as she sat down, Jensen was knelt down in front of her. �Emma.�

She drew in a breath, �Oh my God.�

�I love you. I couldn�t imagine my life without you in it. You�re my first thought in a morning and my last at night. I don�t need to spend my life looking for the one, because I�ve found her, in you.� He started, pulling a ring box out of his pocket and opening it. �Will you marry me?�

She looked at the ring and back up at his face as tears spilled onto her cheeks. �Yes.� She answered quickly, in case he took her silence to mean something else. �Yes.� 2008