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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was written for a challenge at the Addictive Men Forum


This was it. This was the moment Michael Scofield had been planning for. So far things hadn’t gone exactly right, but tonight was the night that it all fell into place – at least he hoped so. His escape from Fox River was imminent, and although a few other inmates had tagged along for the ride, Michael was just happy to be getting his brother out of there alive. The fact he had been framed weighed on his mind and he planned to clear Lincoln’s name but he wanted to get out of the prison before they had a chance to execute him.

Taking a deep breath, Michael prepared to climb from the tunnels beneath the prison, and looked across at his brother. “You ready?”

Lincoln Burrows nodded, “You bet.”

He nodded and proceeded forward, moving the only object between them and freedom. Pushing the manhole cover to the side, the tunnel was masked in darkness, and he took no time in climbing out. But a frown produced on his face instantly as he waited for the other’s to immerge. He was stood on a beach. A deserted beach, but it was still a beach. And he didn’t remember that being the other side of the prison walls when he’d been transported in weeks before.

“What the hell?” He questioned. Only before he got to process his surroundings a stranger approached.

“Where the hell did you come from?” Sawyer asked wearing a welcoming frown.

Michael glanced down at the hole, “Uh…”

“Did you burrow here?”

“I guess so.”

“You’re American?”

Michael nodded as his companions frowned down at the sand beneath their feet.

“Where did you dig to Pretty, Florida?” Theodore ‘T-bag’ Bagwell asked crouching down and scooping up some of the beach in his hand.

“So, down that hole is America?” Sawyer continued.

He frowned, “Yeah.”

“What’s going on here?” Jack Shephard asked hearing the raised voices in the night.

“These guys just popped up here, out of this hole.” Sawyer replied.

Jack frowned, “Well, who are you and how did you get here?”

Lincoln stepped in, “Look, we’ve already been through this with your girlfriend here. So how about you let us go?”

He smiled, “There’s nowhere to go. We’re stuck on this island.”

“No, there’s a way off now.” Sawyer pointed at the hole.

“Trust me bro, you do not want to go down there.” Fernando Sucre informed him.

 ~ * ~

“You were in prison?” Sawyer asked the Fox River 8 as they sat around a lit fire.

“Yo, you think we’re dressed like this because we’re in a boy band?” David ‘Tweener’ Apolskis spoke up.

“Hey, you climbed on to our island…”

Your island?” Michael asked in his low whisper like voice.

“We’re stranded here. No one knows where we are. No one’s looking for us. We’re just here.” Jack explained.

Michael looked across at his brother. Maybe this had been a blessing in disguise. If no one was looking for the residents of the island, chances were they wouldn’t ever be found. It was brilliant.

“So what do you do for food?” Benjamin Miles ‘C-Note’ Franklin asked curiously, as his stomach growled letting him know he was hungry.

“We found a hatch. We’ve got enough food.”

Lincoln frowned, “What is this place?”

“We’re just as confused as you are. But we’re trying to work it out.”

The eldest brother looked at his sibling, “Can I talk to you… alone?”

“Sure.” Michael responded getting to his feet and following Lincoln out of earshot.

“We can’t stay here.” He informed him.

“This could be the best place to hide out.”

“Hide out? We’re not getting off this island. You heard them. No one is looking for them.”

“Which means you won’t be executed.”

“I have a son Michael. I can’t stay here. I’ve got to get to LJ.”

~ * ~ 

They’d talked through the night. The sun had risen a few hours ago and Michael was basking in the sun, looking out to the sea when Jack joined him. “What’s out there?” He asked sensing the presence of an unfamiliar being.

“We don’t know. We’ve tried going out there, and we don’t get anywhere. It’s like we’re stuck.” He was honest. “But that hole you climbed up through is our way home.”

Michael turned to him, “You know what’s down there. How can you think…”

“They won’t keep us there. We’re not criminals.”

“If that’s what you feel you have to do.”

“We’ve been on this island too long. You might think it’s your saving grace, but a lot of us need to get home.”

Michael looked over Jack’s shoulder at his brother, “Yeah.”

~ * ~

Michael looked back down the hole they’d emerged from and then up at his brother. “Are you sure about this?”

Lincoln nodded, “We’ll find another way out.”

“If there is one.”

“I can’t leave him Michael. He needs me.”

“Well, he’s not the only one.” He paused. “So I’m coming with you.”

“You’re giving up the sunshine and the beach to go back to the hell of Fox River? I can’t let you do that.”

“You don’t have a choice. I’m not living it up here without you.” Michael replied with a rye smile. “The reason I got into Fox River was to save you, and that’s what I plan to do.”

© 2008