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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was written for a challenge at the Addictive Men Forum


He looked down at his watch and then up at the flight board to see if his flight was on time, that’s when the information changed to ‘delayed’. With a sigh he made his way to customer services to get more details.

“Excuse me.” He said, alerting the woman behind the desk to his arrival.

She looked up at him, “Yes sir.”

“My flight’s been delayed, is there any way you can tell me how long for?”

“I can take a look. What’s your destination?”


She tapped a few keys on the computer keyboard in front of her and looked the screen over. “Hmm.”

He impatiently waited as she examined the information she’d found before she looked up to address him.

“It looks like it’s going to be delayed for about an hour.”

He wore a relieved smile. “Thank you.”

 ~ * ~

“My flight’s been delayed.” He told his girlfriend over the phone as he stepped out of the airport. “So, I’m going to find another way home.”

“Well, how long’s the flight delayed?”

“It was meant to be an hour but it’s been three now and nothing’s changed. So I’ll hire a car and drive back.”

“No, I’ll come and pick you up.”

“There’s no need for that. If I get a car now, I’ll be home in time to cuddle up in bed next to you tonight. If you drive out, it’ll take us twice as long to get back.”

He couldn’t see the smile that had formed on her face, but it was there – big and wide. They’d been apart for a few months and they both felt it. The silences were filled with thoughts of each other and every spare moment was about stealing conversations before they were cast back into loneliness. But to hear him estimate his arrival made her feel excitement like never before.

“I don’t care. As long as we’re together.”

“I don’t want you driving all this way on your own. It’s dangerous this time of year.”

“But it’s Christmas, I want to spend it with you regardless of where we are.”

“Trust me, I’ll be home.”

“Alright.” She sighed.

“I’ll be there soon, I promise. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Hanging up, he spotted a taxi across the road from where he stood, dropping off passengers. He checked the road and quickly rushed across to the parked car.

“Hey. Can you take me to the nearest car hire?” He asked the driver.

“Sure. Jump in.”

Doing as he was instructed, he climbed in the backseat and pulled his luggage in beside him.

“Trying to get home for the holidays?” The driver asked trying to make small talk.

“Yeah.” He replied.

“Where you going?”


“Oh, so you’re not arriving?”

“No. Damn flight was delayed and I promise my girl that I’d be home.”

 ~ * ~

“Sorry sir, we have no more car’s available.” The assistant told him as he checked the log on the computer in front of her.

“Please tell me you’re joking.” He pleaded.

But she shook her head, “I’m sorry.”

With a sigh, he spun to look out of the glass wall of the building for a second before turning to face her again. “Is there anywhere else I can get a car?”

“This time of year?” She asked rhetorically. “I doubt it.”

“She is going to kill me.” He muttered under his breath. Before he had another idea. “Where’s the nearest tube station?”

“About three blocks that way.” She said helpfully pointing left.

He barely managed a ‘thank you’ before he took off at great speed in the direction she’d pointed him in.

When he reached his destination, he was disappointed to find the main gates were locked up in preparation for the festive holiday.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” He screamed hitting out at the gate.

He spun to take in his surroundings trying to think of other means to get home. But he came up empty. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialled a number he had committed to memory.

“Please tell me you haven’t left the studio yet.” He prayed down the line to his co-star.

“Been on the road for about half an hour.” He came back with.

“Damn it!” He cursed aloud.

“What’s wrong?”

“My flight’s delayed, I can’t hire a car because everyone seems to determined to prevent me getting home and the tube is closed up.”

“Wow, what a run of bad luck.” He seemed unsympathetic.

“I promised her I’d be home and I’m going to keep that promise. Is there anything you can think of?”

“I’m turning around.”

“No, you’re already on the road. I’ll figure something out.”

“Jensen, I’m already heading back.”

“But you’ll be late home.”

He didn’t see him shrug off the importance of his arrival home, “There’s no one waiting for me like you. I’m just going to my parents, and they’ll understand. She, on the other hand, will kill you if you’re not back for Christmas morning.” Jared said retracing his tire tracks. “Where are you?”

 ~ * ~

He watched as his friend pulled up outside the diner he’d been waiting outside of and sighed in relief. “Thanks, I owe you big time for this.” He said as he climbed in next to the driver.

“I’m sure I’ll hold you to that.” He smiled.

“Right now, I don’t care. I just want to get home to my baby.”

“Have you called her?”

“I told her about the flight. She even wanted to come and fetch me.”

“Wow. She really wants you home.”

“Well we’ve got three months to make up for.”

“Nice imagery.” He said screwing up his face, “So, how did you talk her out of that one?”

“I told her I was hiring a car.”

“Don’t you think you should give her an update?”

“I don’t want to worry her with details.”

“How long have you been running around?”

He checked his watch, “About an hour.”

“Won’t she wonder if you’re on your way?”

“Probably, but I want her to think I might not get back. Then she’ll be surprised when I walk in the door.”

“You’ve got a cruel sense of humour.”

He smiled and shrugged, “That’s why she agreed to marry me.”

 ~ * ~

“You didn’t think to check the fuel before we got stranded in the middle of nowhere?” Jensen asked kicking the car tyre.

“Hey, don’t take it out on the car.” Jared said, noting his instant bad mood.

“You want me to hit you?”

He laughed at his threat, “Relax, my Dad is on his way.”

“That means waiting out here in the cold for two hours and I can’t do it man. I wanted to be home by now.”

“I didn’t know the freeway was going to be bumper to bumper. It’s Christmas Eve, everyone is trying to get home.”

Jensen opened the car and grabbed his luggage off the back seat. “Thanks for the ride, but I gotta go.”

Jared nodded understandingly. “Give her a kiss for me.”

“Will do.” He said before jogging off down the road.

 ~ * ~

Jensen’s fiancée checked the clock for what felt like the hundredth time that night. It had been almost six hours since her other half had called to tell her his flight was delayed and she hadn’t dared to call him since. She’d been looking forward to seeing him for Christmas since the network had announced their time off so to have it taken away from her now would destroy her. She wrung her hands together and looked out of the lounge window. If he’d have started out driving shortly after their phone call, he should be getting home any time now, but there was still no trace of him. She was going out of her mind waiting.

Impatiently she dropped down on the couch, and flicked on the TV with the remote. There had to be something on TV she could occupy her mind with until her fiancé got home. But ironically all she found was the latest re-run of a supernatural episode that had aired a few months before. With a sigh, she rested the clicker next to her and stared at the screen as she propped her head on the arm and got comfortable.

As his voice filled the room she felt her eyes gradually close and before she knew it, she was asleep.

It was a few hours later when she stirred, slowly opening her eyes to the feeling of being watched. It took her a minute to adjust to consciousness and take in her surroundings. But when she did, she jumped up wearing a smile.

“Jensen!” She squealed throwing her arms around him.

He beamed back, “I told you I’d be home.”

She pulled away slightly and cupped his face in her hands before placing her lips on his repeatedly. “I thought you’d be back ages ago.” She told him in between kisses.

“Baby, you wouldn’t believe the night I had.” He said wrapping her in a tight embrace applying a long, heartfelt lingering kiss to her lips. “I ran most the way back. I lost my cell phone.”

But she shook her head, “I don’t care. You’re home. You’re actually home.”

© 2008