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NOTE: This story contains strong sexual content so if you're uncomfortable reading it or are under 18, please take this into account!


"You're firing me? Based on what?" Her voice is loud and quickly attracting attention. Grabbing her arm I escort her to my temporary office and hope that I'll be able to finish this as quickly and quietly as possible.

"You're not living up to all you promised." Is all the excuse I can muster.

The shock on her face says everything she wants to say but her dignity forbids. "That's it, that's all you can think of?"

"I don't need more excuse than that baby, I'm the artist." I reply cockily.

"Fuck you Justin. You're only firing me because I wouldn't sleep with you." She's honest, and right.

The truth is, being knocked back did nothing for my ego. I'm a star and women don't just pass up an opportunity to sleep with me. But she did, and that presents me with a problem. Her being it. So, what do I do with problems like her? I get rid of them as fast and as painless as possible. But I can already tell that she's not just going to go away like the others, and there have been others... plenty of others. Not that I'm boasting or anything, I'm just stating the facts.

"Now you're talking shit Cassie. I'm firing you because you're not doing your job. You’re supposed to assist personal shit. That’s what’s meant by PA.”

" I assist personal shit Justin. I do my job and I do it well. But nowhere in my contract does it say I have to sleep with you."

“I didn’t say it did.”

“You’re implying that it does.”

“Am I?” I’m trying desperately not to say anything that she could throw back at me in court with a lawyer to get her the justice I know this girl will want. But it’s hard to give her reasons when I know exactly why I’m letting her go.

“Fine, fire me. But I’m going to have an unfair dismissal and sexual harassment case on you so fast that your head will spin.” She states crossing her arms across her chest.

I know she’s not lying. She’s the kind of girl who fights every step of the way for her rights. But I have to let her know that I’m not worried. “There’s nothing unfair about your dismissal and there’s no-one who works for me that will believe your harassment case. I happen to be in a very happy long term relationship.”

She scoffs. “The only thing long term about your relationship is the distance; and the only reason it’s been a success so far is because you two aren’t together long enough for her to realize what a prick you are.”

My jaw drops. I knew the girl didn’t like me before I propositioned her, but I’ve never heard her attach a demoralizing stigma to me before. “I’m a prick?” I question, mainly because I can’t think of anything clever to say.

Her eyebrows rise. “You need me to spell that for you, or should I just say it a little louder so the whole building can hear me?”

“There’s no need for you to get up on your high horse about this. Just get your stuff and leave. I’m not going to revise my decision.”

She stands before me carefully planning out her next move. I can see in her eyes how badly she wants to slap me, or possibly more. But all she does is stand there until… her mouth opens.

“You want to know what I think of your decision JT?” She says my name with such pristine that I’m intrigued of what’s to follow. Then she raises her middle fingers in my direction.

I nod and pull a face. “That’s real mature Cass. Real mature.”

Spinning on her heel she walks out of the room, and I relax. Dropping to my chair behind my desk the tension seeps out of every pore, much like the way it entered. But it doesn’t last. Before I know it she’s back inside and making her way over to me. I don’t have a chance to think, or move before she’s jumping across my lap.

“You want me to have sex with you, fine.” She explains herself before she crashes her mouth against mine. But all too quickly she’s pulling away. “If this is what I need to do to keep my job, then so be it.”

I’m in too much shock to stop her as she starts to unzip my pants. But as she reaches inside my fly for my member I find the ability to grab her wrist, stopping her.

“Cass, what are you doing?” The words fall out of my mouth, as if this is the first I’ve been presented with the subject.

Her frown is justified. “Excuse me, but isn’t this precisely what you want?”

I quickly zip up my fly in case of the unlikely event that we’ll be interrupted, “Not here, not now and not like this.”

She rolls her eyes, “Don’t tell me, you want romancing first.” She laughs as she climbs off me. “You take the fucking biscuit Justin. Not only are you making me have sex with you in order for me to keep my job, but you want me to do the leg work too?”

I follow her lead and stand too. I don’t want to kick off another argument but it seems with this girl I can’t avoid them. “Maybe we should start this morning again.”

A tense pause falls on us as I await her response. I’m not sure at this point whether she’ll agree or call me more names. But this morning has disaster written all over it and I just want to start it over. Suddenly I’m indecisive about firing her. She was prepared to do what I asked; she just went about it all-wrong. So I’ll give her another chance to prove herself.

Her head bobs up and down slightly in agreement. “In that case, I’m going into town. You want anything?”

I’m stunned. When I said we should start this morning over I meant taking it from where she stormed up to me with her holier than thou attitude. But I need a break from her; she’s exhausting.

“Sure, get me some condoms.” I say without thinking.

“Condoms.” She repeats.

I know what’s coming, and I regret my response instantly. I close my eyes as I turn away from her.

“Don’t create. Just get what I asked, or don’t. It’s that simple.” I try to shake off her eyes as they burn a hole in the back of my skull. I know she’s thinking of the many ways she can extract revenge on me for this morning alone. Never mind the night before. But as I turn around to face her, I find she's left my office already.


I pick up the phone and dial across to her room, the same as the night previous. But tonight it takes her longer to answer.

“Hello?” Her voice is groggy, and I know I’ve woken her. But I ask anyway.

“Did I wake you?” The question is a stupid one considering I know I did. But she didn’t come back to work after the condom incident, and I’m ballsy as well as I am idiotic.

“Justin?” I can hear her moving in her bed and I try to imagine what she’s wearing, if anything at all.

“Did you get what I asked earlier?”

She yawns. “Earlier?”

“My condoms.”

I hear her sigh long and deep before answering, “Don’t tell me, you’ve got a chick there and you’ve had sex three times already meaning you’ve run out of condoms. So you want me to supply you with more so you can fuck the night away?”

“Something like that.” I smile. She’s thought about me with other women. I wonder if she’s jealous. She probably is. Most women are.

“Sorry JT, no more sex for you tonight.” She says before she hangs up.

Yes, she’s completely jealous. That’s the only explanation as to why she didn’t get me condoms, or did and won’t bring them over to me. She doesn’t want me to have sex with anyone if it isn’t her. I know it.

Picking up the phone again, I redial her room. But she doesn’t answer her phone, so I hang up. I would try again, but I think this requires the direct approach. I’ll knock on her door instead. As I open my door I find her standing in front of me, leaning on the frame holding up a pack of 12 condoms, and I smile.

“Your condoms.” She states dryly, and as I take them from her she turns to head back to her room.

I have to act quickly if I’m going to get her in the sack tonight.

“Wait Cass.” She spins back to face me. “Do you want to come in for a coffee?”

“Don’t you have company?”

“I was hoping you’d be my company tonight.”

“Roughly translated you mean sex, right?” She asks seeing right through me. It’s the same line I used on her last night when I told her I needed a shirt ironed for this morning. Damn, I need to change my technique.

“Only if you want it to.” If she wants it to? There’s nothing about this situation that is about anything she wants. She either gives me what I want or we do the same dance tomorrow that we did in my office earlier.

She takes a step closer to me. “Is this the part where I’m supposed to feel grateful that you’re persistent?”

“Not all the women get this much attention.” I told you I was ballsy.

I can see the fire in her eyes. She wants to change my name to Bobbit by association. But when she speaks, she’s calm.

“Well aren’t I the lucky one.” I can hear the sarcasm dripping from her words, but I don’t care. If I get her into bed, then she can be as sarcastic as she likes. I know she can’t resist the Timberlake charm. She just hates herself for wanting me so badly.

I step aside, silently inviting her into my room. “So, what do you say?”

She stares at me, I know she’s contemplating all the positions I can have her in while she’s screaming my name. It’s only natural.

“If I do this, if I walk into that room and have sex with you… do you swear I’ll keep my job?”

I have to be very careful about how I respond. After all, I can hardly tell her that her job is safe if she’s a bad lay, because I’ll probably choose to get rid of her. On the other hand, if she’s good in the sack, I’ll keep her on just in case I need my urges fulfilled in the future. I nod and make another gesture toward my room.

I can see her trying to read my eyes. But I’ve got good at lying in my time in the industry so I know she won’t see my plan behind them. She steps forward and then hesitates. I can tell by the violent flicker of her eyes that she’d weighing up the pros and cons. She knows that when she steps into that room, and it is only a matter of when not if, that there’ll be no going back. But my experiences have taught me that the pros are outweighing the cons in her mind because she’s still standing there. She wants me so badly I can see it pumping through her veins. But I try not to smile, not yet. Just in case that sparks reason back into her memory and she walks away from the situation. I want to get laid tonight. I’m highly frustrated. It’s been two days since the last bout of sexual tension got worked out of my system. So I’m in much need of relief.

It feels I’m waiting a lifetime before she walks into my room, but when she goes I’m almost instantly erect. I want to please her, just so she can tell her friends, and the world if she wants, what a great lay Justin Timberlake is. Then they’ll all want me, more than they all do already.

Before I follow after her I check the hallway of the hotel. It’s a habit, something I always do. Not because I think that what I’m doing is wrong, but because if anyone were to see us things would get very complicated, very fast. At the end of the day I’m just a guy, like any other, who needs to have his needs met. I like my sex simple, like I like most my women. I like to get laid and forget about it, unless it’s exceptionally great sex and, on their part, it very often isn’t. But if anyone were to see us together going into my room, they’d form the immediate conclusion that we we’re an item, and I don’t need that. It wouldn’t be good for my image.

The coast is clear, so I follow her inside and close the door. “Alone at last.” I say trying to make the tension for her a little lighter.

She half-heartedly smiles as her hands reach up to the tie on her robe. She pulls the bow, and the cloth falls open to reveal her naked flesh beneath. Strangely the only thought in my mind is that I knew she slept naked. But that soon changes.


Falling back on the bed in an exhausted heap of sweat my first thought is how to get her out of my room. I’ve had what I wanted; now it’s time for her to leave. Oh, and in case you are wondering, she’ll keep her job if only for the reason that she knows how to really ride a man and drive him to extremes of pleasure he never knew he could reach. But how do I get her out of my room without seeming too callous? I don’t want her to quit on a count of me being an asshole afterward because like I said, she was good at what she did for me here tonight.

I turn my head as I feel the other side of the bed empty and find her standing to replace the robe she removed so quickly upon entry. I shift on my side to face her, and rest my head in the palm of my propped up elbow.

“You’re leaving.” It’s not a question. It’s not a request for her to stay. But it’s an observation.

“We’ve done all we’re going to do here tonight.” She answers, never making direct eye contact. It appears to me she’s left feeling dirty and wants a shower to wash me off her skin, but I know that has to be a misconception. She loved the Timberlake love, and soon enough she’ll be coming back for more, as much as she doesn’t know it yet.

I drop forward onto my stomach and watch her as she leaves the room. I’m satisfied and my eyes fluttered closed without giving her so much as a second thought.


I open my eyes as the shrill sound of my alarm breaks me from my peaceful slumber and reach over to stop the invasion of silence. I lie there for a minute or two trying to wake up enough to have a shower, and thoughts of the night before present in my mind. I smile, how can I not? I was good, and surprisingly, so was she. I stretch and climb from the bed. I’m naked and the drapes are wide open, but I don’t care. If anyone else had a body like mine they wouldn’t want to hide it either. But as I’m about to walk into the bathroom, something catches my eye. The pack of 12 condoms, which Cassie brought over with her last night, on the shelf beside my keys. But the unusual thing is that they’re still wrapped in their original packaging, seal and everything. That’s impossible though because… my mind shifts back to the night before when I walked in the room after Cassie and watched her strip her robe. I put them down then and… never picked them up again. SHIT! I had sex with her without protection. How the fuck could I be that stupid? I could have AIDS. Fuck!


I walk into the office I’ve hired for a couple of weeks and she’s there, waiting for me. She’s probably been up all night thinking about me. She probably wants a monogamous relationship now. Who can blame her? More than one woman has wanted that in the past. But I don’t do monogamy, at least not this early in life.

“Cassie.” I acknowledge her as I make my way to the desk she’s sitting opposite of.

She jumps to her feet, “Justin.”

“What do you want?” I haven’t got time for her feelings. I just want her to treat last night with the same contempt as I have.

“It’s about last night.”

I sigh to let her know I didn’t want it brought up. “I was afraid you’d do this. Look Cass, last night was last night and that’s all there is to it.” Almost instantly she starts laughing hysterically. “What’s so funny?” I’m losing my patience.

Eventually her laugh calms to a smirk. “If you thought I’d come in here because I want you, relax. I don’t want you, I never have and, unless I have my common sense surgically removed, I never will.” She explains quickly getting a jab at me in there somewhere. “I just came to ask you if you’ve got any STD’s you know of because, it may have escaped your attention but, we never used anything last night.”

How dare she assume I’m the one infected! I’m careful. I’m always careful, except for last night obviously. “Why would you think I’d have STD’s?”

“Hello? Guy who puts it about all the time,” she says pointing in my direction before laying her hand on her chest, “against woman who has slept with 3 people in her life.”

“It’s more likely that one of those 3 people have given you something you don’t know about.”

She shakes her head definitely, “The last person I slept with was a year ago and only last month I was given the all clear on my tests.”

“Well damn, if it was a year ago that you last slept with someone, I did you a favour.”

She rolls her eyes, “Look, do I have VD or AIDS now is all I want to know.”

“If you have, you sure as hell ain’t got it from me.”

“So you’ve been tested?”

“I don’t need to get tested. I’m careful.”

Again she’s unimpressed. I can tell by the way she shifts her weight to one side. “Except last night apparently.”

“Except last night.”

“So how am I to know that there wasn’t another night you forgot to use protection?”

“You just have to take my word for it.”

She squints. “I’d rather get burned alive.”

“Then you’re only option is to get tested again. But I know I haven’t got anything.”

She folds her arms across her chest, “And just how do you know that without having the sense to be tested?”

“I’m careful who I sleep with.”

“Oh really? So, that girl Sylvia last week, her last name was what?”

“Why is that important?”

“Well you were the one that said you’re careful about who you sleep with, so I’m just curious if you know her last name, or anything else about her for that matter.”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you.”

“No, you don’t. But I have to live with myself knowing that I slept with a guy who can’t even put a ballpark on all the women he’s bedded. So if you don’t mind I’m taking today off to go to the clinic. My advice would be that you do the same.”

As she turns to walk from the room I stop her. “Cass, on more thing… are you on the pill?”

She turns back to me. “Why would that be important?”

“I just want to know if there’s a possibility that you could be pregnant.”

I can tell by the immediate expression on her face that she hadn’t thought about that. She nods, “There’s a possibility.”

“That’s just great. That’s all I need.” This could ruin my career. I’ll be known as the guy who became a father as the result of a one-night stand. I wouldn’t mind the father bit, if it were with a woman that actually meant something to me, and obviously she doesn’t. She was just a conquest. I hate being told I can’t have something, and she was just about proving I could, even if it was only to myself.

Her hands move to secure a place on her hips, “It’s not exactly great news for me either you selfish pompous bastard.”

“So if you’re pregnant, you’re going to have an abortion, aren’t you?” I’m upfront, but there’s no time for beating around the bush. My career is at stake here.

“You think I want a child who is the spawn of all my mother told me to avoid in a man?”

“So that’s a yes right?”

“What’s the matter Justin? Are you panicking about what people will think of you if it gets out that you threatened to take my job away if I didn’t sleep with you, and then you got me pregnant?”

“Well you were only happy to spread your legs for me sweetie.” I’m being condescending in the hope she won’t see how much a possible pregnancy could affect my life.

“And the consequences of you forcing me to have sex with you has the possibility of haunting you for the next 18 years, if not more.”

I stop dead in my tracks. She’s thinking about having this baby just to spite me, if she’s pregnant that is. “You make it sound like I raped you.”

“Well if the boot fits.”

“You were only too happy to lay down with me last night.”

“Only after you threatened to take my job away. I did what I had to do in order to save my career.”

“And I’m willing to do the same.”

“So tell me, just how do you plan to do that? If I’m pregnant it’s my choice if I have an abortion or not. It’s got nothing to do with you.”

“If you are pregnant, I have a stake in that baby, and if I say you have an abortion you will have one.”

Again she folds her arms across her chest, “I’m not one of your usual bimbo’s Justin. I have the ability to make up my own mind without your influence, and God nor money could force me to have an abortion if I didn’t want one.” She’s enjoying watching me squirm far too much.

“Look, let’s just find out if you are pregnant before we debate it anymore.”

She nods. “I’ll call you as soon as I know.”


I look at the clock again. That’s 5 times in the last five minutes I’ve checked the damn thing. But I’m nervous, and I have a right to be. Cassie called me about half an hour ago and told me she was coming into the office to let me know the results of her pregnancy test. Why she couldn’t just tell me on the phone is beyond me, but she said it was something she wanted to tell me to my face. So that has to mean bad news right? Please God let the test have been negative, please. If you never ever do anything for me again, just let the test show that she isn’t pregnant. I couldn’t be tied to her for the rest of my life. It was just sex. I’m worried, and about ready to vomit when she waltz’ into the room without so much as a clue as to the result. I jump to my feet eagerly.

“Well?” My question shoots out before the door has even had a chance to swing back into its closed position.

“I’m sorry Justin but our worst fears have been confirmed.” Those were the words I’ve been desperate not to hear.

I drop back into my seat. “No. You can’t be.”

“Obviously I can or why would I have had to take the damn test in the first place.”

“But… we can’t have a baby.”

“You should’ve thought about that before you had the love without a glove.”

“Damn it Cassie, this is no time to be laying blame.”

“Clearly you shouldn’t be laying anything because it only get’s you into trouble.”

“For God sake would you stop with the smart comments? I need to think here.”

“About what?”

“About what I’m going to do.”

“What you’re going to do? I thought this was, like I said earlier, my decision.”

I stare at her. “Okay, what are you going to do?”

“I think it would be quite interesting to have a little Timberlake running around.” She’s winding me up, I can tell by the smile on her face. But why? She made it obvious to me in our earlier conversation that this is the last thing she wanted.

I take to my feet again and head toward her. “There are two of those at my dad’s house. I can gladly bring them over to visit you once a week instead of…”

“You’re going to be a daddy Justin, you should be happy.” She’s mocking me now.

“Cassie, you can’t have this baby. Please, I’m begging you.” I’m quite literally begging. Without realizing it, I’ve dropped to my knees at her feet.

I look up at her in a helpless plea for her to reconsider her options, and I’m about to offer her anything, and I mean anything, in order for her to abort this child, when she rolls her eyes at me.

“Relax Romeo, I’m just winding you up. I’m not pregnant.” She pulls the test out of her back pocket. “It’s negative.”

“Then wh-“

“I did it to give you a shock. To teach you that you just can’t keep sleeping with women and act like its no bit deal. You have to face up to the fact that you’ve had more pussy than most 70-year-olds, and grow up. There are consequences to having sex, always. It doesn’t matter how frigging careful you are, you could have kids all over the damn place for all you know.” I open my mouth to speak but she stops me as the sound of her voice echoes through the air again. “Don’t insist how careful you are, not again. I’ve heard how it was ‘just this once’ and frankly I don’t care about how much child support you will one day undoubtedly be paying out. Just do one thing for me… don’t ever come on to me again because if you so much as sniff in my general direction, I will have your balls on a platter and serve them as main course to all your staff.”

I’m stunned to silence, and I can’t speak. I just watch her as she leaves.


We’re here again. Cassie and I doing the same old dance we seem to do everytime she walks into my office. I swear we wouldn’t argue so much if we were a married couple. I’m still not completely clear what she’s complaining about this time, but I’m sure she’ll make her point eventually.

“You know the novelty of you rubbed off practically as soon as we met but now I’m just getting bored. I’m not even amused enough by our violent banter to stick around so it has to be bad.” I drift back to hear. I float off into my own little world a lot when she comes in here shouting the odds. It’s only because I’m not interested in any complaint she has to shove in my face this week. It’s easier for me to let her have her say, even with me not listening, than it is for her to upset the rest of my staff. This confrontation started after I made a comment about her weight. I was just concerned that she’s put on a few pounds. She does have to be good eye candy around the office, and if she isn’t looking after herself I need to know about it.

“So what are you saying?” I finally get the opportunity to ask.

She takes a deep breath. “I’m quitting.”

“Quitting.” I repeat. I heard her, but I think my ears might be deceiving me so I need to hear it again.

“Yes, I’m quitting.”


She shrugs as if giving her extra time to think of an answer to my question. “I’m not happy here anymore.”

Yeah, like I’d believe that. I know immediately what her resignation is about. She can’t get past what happened between us. She’s jealous whenever she sees me with a woman. I can tell a mile off that she wants exclusive rights to the trouser snake.

“Everything is exactly the way it was before. So why do you have a problem with it now?”

“I don’t have a problem with it. I just think its time to move on, that’s all. It’s nothing personal.”

“It’s got to be personal. Only a month ago you were sleeping with me just to keep your job.”

Again her shoulders lift and drop. “And now I know it wasn’t worth it.”

“Now I know you’re lying. Look, just tell me what’s wrong and we’ll work on fixing it.” I’m not quite sure why I’m desperate to keep her on. Maybe it’s just because I’ve got used to our love / hate relationship. I don’t know, but I don’t want her to leave if I can do something about making her stay.

“Why is my quitting bothering you so much? Is it because you want to get some satisfaction from firing me or… you’re not going to miss me are you?”

I don’t want her for one minute to think there’s more in me wanting her to stay than there actually is. I shrug back at her. “What can I say, you were a good lay.”

“Oh, you had to remind me of that didn’t you? You couldn’t just say ‘goodbye’ and ‘it was good knowing you’.”

“And I got to know you in a way only 3 men have before.” I know I’m winding her up, I can tell by the way she’s biting on her lip. But I can’t have her going out without a bang.

“Actually, still only 3 men. You’re more like a half, a boy even.”

I don’t believe she didn’t enjoy it. I know she did, and I’ve been with enough women to know when they’re enjoying themselves. “Oh I had you coming in all directions that night.”

She frowns, “Did you?”

“There was no way you faked that.”

“There wasn’t?”

“I’ve been with enough women to know fake when I hear it.”

“Shock. Horror. You mean there have been women you haven’t been able to satisfy?”


“I hate to bruise that ego of yours baby, but I bet you’ve only had a handful of genuine success’ in that department.”

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with my technique in the bedroom. If you didn’t orgasm that’s your fault, maybe you should get yourself checked out.”

“Of course, it’s got to be something wrong with me. It couldn’t possibly have something to do with the mighty Timberlake.”

She’s mocking me again. But I’m used to that. She’s not happy unless she’s arguing with me, and she’s obviously just using this to try and wind me. The trouble is I know she’s lying, it’s written all over her face that she’s just been waiting for a repeat performance. 

I pretend to unbutton the front of my pants. “Do you need me to refresh your memory?”

“Please no. I lived through that hell once before. I have no plans to do it again.”

“It’s only because you know I’m right.”

She rolls her eyes. “Whatever. I’ll let you win just because I’m leaving today, and maybe one victory will give you the generosity to accept my resignation.”

I watch as she places an envelope on my desk. Then it hits me that she’s serious about leaving. “You really want to do this?”

She nods. “I have to do this.”

“And I can’t change your mind, at all?” She shakes her head. I take a deep breath. I know I’m going to miss having her around. “So, what do you have planned next?”

“I’m going to take a year off, and then I’ll just see what comes along.”

I’m intrigued. “Why the year off?”

“I have something I have to do and then recover from before I can do anything that a personal assistant is required for.”

“Which is?”

“If I told you that I don’t think we could leave on good terms.”

She has a secret that she’s hiding behind those eyes and it has something to do with me. “Tell me.”

“I’d rather not.”

“Why not?”

“Justin, let’s just leave it like it is for now, and maybe in a year's time you’ll be needing a personal assistant because you drove the last one crazy.”

I can’t help but laugh. “I think there’s a strong possibility of that.”

Silence. I hate silence.

“It was good working for you Justin. Well, for the most part. I hope we can be friends, in the future. But for right now, I have to leave. I’ve got a plane to catch.”

“To where?”

“Maybe one day I’ll drop you a line and let you know the answer to that, maybe.”

© 2003