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I'm standing on a wooden bridge, leaning on the side, looking out over the calming water of the river and it brings a peace to me. The turmoil of the day is gone, the chores of tomorrow I'm not thinking about, and days past don't even surface in my mind.
In my life, I've had things hard. But no more than most, I guess. Just the usual trials of growing up. And now, I'm here, waiting for him to show. He's almost an hour late, but I know he's a busy guy. An interview probably took longer than he expected or it was hard for him to get away. Either way, I'm not angry or even worried. It's something he does a lot. Something I've grown used to in our year together. Our relationship is still fresh. The 'honeymoon period' is still in full force, but then with him I don't see that aspect of it ever diminishing.
A smile plays on my lips. It's amazing how we can't keep our hands off each other and yet we've never been intimate. We promised each other to save that for our wedding night, if we get that far, and if not, then that's okay too. Because I know that for however long we're together, that I am with the most amazing guy I could ever wish to meet.
It's the little things that make him the great guy he is, not his fame or his money. I'm not interested in that. For a start, I have my own money. I don't need some guy for that. And the fame... Well, I can live without everyone knowing my name because of moments like this. Watching the water run down stream, the light from the street lamp gently bouncing off it and the sound of the trickling water settling me. There's no one around. There are no footsteps to be heard, no sounds of traffic to spoil this time and no voices breaking the peace around me.
I remember back to when we first met. It was by chance, really. If I hadn't been working in that town, if I hadn't walked into that coffee house at the precise moment I did... well, that doesn't bear thinking about. Because I couldn't imagine my life without him. No matter how much or how little contact we have, he's still in my every thought. He listens to every word I say no matter how big or small, and I mean he really listens. He sits, just watching every movement my mouth makes, like it'll be the last time he'll see it. He reads every expression on my face, studying it, when we just sit in silence. He traces the outline of my face with his fingers as though memorizing every inch of it for when we're not together. Sometimes I even catch him watching me sleep.
I only asked him why once and his response was simple. He was watching to protect me, to wake me if I dreamed anything bad. I remember feeling warm inside and I still feel protected, even when he's not around. Because I know, even though we're not always together, he's protecting me. I feel him in my heart, so he's never far from me. I feel his touch in the breeze, I hear his voice in silence, I smell his cologne whenever I breath deeply, and I taste his kisses when I close my eyes.
Today has been a rough one from start to finish, but I stop and take a minute just to picture his face and things instantly get better. Then he calls me. He knows exactly the right moment that I need to hear his voice. I don't know how, but he does.
Maybe I've underestimated why we met. Maybe he's my soul mate, because he sure as hell seems to be. I've never felt this way before. I think this is true love. But I don't want to get my hopes up in case I turn out to be wrong. I want him to be my happily ever after. But I don't want to lay all bets on it, in case I lose. For now, life is as perfect as perfect can be, and I wouldn't change a thing.
I look down at the water below the bridge and I hear quiet footsteps behind me. I smile because I know it's him. I've learned to read his walk, and the sound of his feet. He steps up close to me so the front of his body is barely touching the back of mine. I close my eyes and I can smell that cologne. Then his arms come around my waist. He doesn't say anything, but I know what he's thinking when he nuzzles his chin into the crook between my neck and shoulder. He applies gentle kisses to my jaw line and my eyes stay closed. Damn his butterfly kisses.
Still he doesn't say anything. He just holds me, exactly how I like to be held, and we stand there on that bridge wrapped in the love we hold for each other. His fingers entwine with mine as we stand there, his thumb rubbing back and forth gently on the back of my hand and I feel safe. I could stay in his arms forever, never open my eyes and stand there, with him, until my lifetime is through.
I turn my head toward him and he applies a kiss to my lips. It's not passionate. It's not emotionless. It's just to let me know that he missed me. I love those kisses. His lips touching mine, with little movement at all. Without realizing, I sigh contently against his mouth and I feel a smile display on his lips. He knows exactly how I feel, because he feels it too.
Gently, I turn in his arms. I don't want to move. I want to stay exactly where we are, in exactly this position, until I absolutely have no choice but to let go.
Then he pulls away, not in protest, and he looks down on my face with a sense of adoration. It still amazes me how he can look at me like he hasn't seen me in years. A wide smile grows on my face. I see the twinkle in his eyes and he mirrors my smile. Time to go home. He nods his head to the side and my hand meets his at his side instantly.
We walk hand-in-hand along the streets and his mouth opens to speak, but he thinks better of asking me how my day was because he knew by the way I was standing on that bridge that it was a bad one. Instead, he squeezes my hand ever so slightly to let me know that tomorrow will be better. I squeeze his back in a way that lets him know that every day for me is a better one, because I wake up to his face every morning.
He is my future, I don't doubt that, but to what extent...? I'll just have to wait and find out.

I'm standing on the balcony of the hotel room I'm staying in, leaning on the cast iron railing overlooking the street below, and it's comforting. My long day in front of cameras is over and finally I get some time off to just be me. I don't have to smile if I don't feel like it, I don't have to be polite to people whose first name I didn't know when I woke up this morning, and I don't have to talk if I don't want to. But I find myself smiling down on the bustling city anyway. I feel like I'm floating on air. I've felt that way ever since she first poured hot coffee down the front of my shirt when I met her that day and I looked into those big, amber eyes of hers. I feel like I'm living in a dream and any moment I'm sure to wake up. No one has ever had this effect on me before. She's my first thought when I wake up, she's my last vision of the day and she's everything I talk about all day.
I'm waiting for her now. It makes a change for her to be late. I'm usually the one that keeps her waiting. I laugh lightly. She never gets mad at me when I run a little late. She was so quick to adjust to the attention that came along with being with me. I know she coped with it better than I did.
In the beginning, one year ago, I wanted it to just be us, spending time getting to know each other. But the media and fan attention came before I even had a chance to think about it. We couldn't go out to a restaurant without someone sitting in the opposite booth taking pictures. But she took it all in her stride, knowing it came as a part of the package. She's amazing.
I love her smell. I love her touch. I love her voice. I love everything about her. I watch her lips when she talks and I get lost in her words. I watch her eyes when we're sitting in silence and they take me to the depths of her wondrous soul. When she lies next to me in bed at night, I love to stroke her skin. It brings the reality that she's there with me, and when I watch her sleep it's the best therapy I've ever received. She has a way of making me forget things I was going to say when she looks at me, of turning my knees to Jell-O when she kisses me, and of easing my pain with just a smile.
I never thought I could fall completely in just 12 months, but I have, and I feel like the luckiest man alive.
I look down at the street to see a few people walking along the sidewalk, and I consider for a moment shouting it from the rooftops. But I quickly reconsider when I realize that half of them probably don't care. Still, I'm smiling. Can one person make another this happy? Is it possible I'm dreaming?
I’m about to go inside when I hear the door to my room open and quietly close. I freeze. She’s here. I instantly close my eyes and concentrate on the subtle sound of her footsteps as they move toward me. I can tell in her walk that she’s tired and, before she takes her last step to me, I spin around and my arms fall easily around her small frame. She smiles and I pivot slightly to kiss her.
Her lips feel so comfortable on mine, almost like they were meant for only me to touch in this way, and her arms snake up around my neck. Her touch sends electric sensations surging through my whole body. It doesn’t matter if she’s holding my hand, if she’s resting her head on my chest when we lie in bed, or if I’m receiving one of her body massages. Whenever she’s touching me, no matter how little or how much, I get a rush of power.
She pulls out of the kiss and looks at me in a way that tells me that being with me isn't enough to take away the pain she's felt today, and I know she's hurting badly. I stoop to look her in the eye, still holding her. "What is it, baby?" I ask, not ever expecting her to say what words stumble out of her mouth.
"She's sick. Really sick."
She's talking about her high school friend, the girl she grew up with every day. I know because she hasn't stopped worrying about her since her appointment at the hospital.
"What is it?"
She takes a deep breath, "Cancer." She says, forcing herself close to my chest. "She's too young. She shouldn't have to deal with this."
I wrap my arms around her, wondering what comfort my hold can give her. But when she breaks down and starts to cry, I can't help the small tears that escape my eyes. I don't want to see her in pain. I don't even like to think that she could be. She's too wonderful to hurt, and I'd take it all away if I could. I feel so useless. But I know all I can do is be there to be her support because she needs me.
I watch her as she sleeps. It took me several hours to calm her down and get her relaxed so she'd sleep. But I know her mind will not be completely at rest tonight. She's restless, her eyes fluttering every now and then, and she lets out the occasional murmur. I can't protect her. Damn it, I can't protect her. Not this time. I can't take her suffering and make it my own, as much as I want to. I can't wake her and tell her it was a dream.
I don't want to sleep tonight. I want to hear her if she begins to cry, and I want to hold her. I need to feel like I'm doing more than just standing beside her as she goes through this alone. Leaning over I place a kiss to her temple. I sigh, snuggling beside her under the sheets.
I wake in a sweat. I've had the most horrible dream but, as his arms circle around me, I know I'm safe. I fall against his chest, a sob boiling in my throat as I shake uncontrollably. I don't want to feel this pain. I was living in the middle of a fairy tale until I received the phone call that brought me crashing back into reality. My friend's pain is my pain. My pain is also the man I love's. A vicious cycle I am caught in the middle of, and I can't stop it. I can only grieve.
I allow my eyes to travel up his body and land on his face. I ponder the question I want to ask because I'm not sure what his reaction will be, but I need to feel something other than this. I need him.
"Make love to me?" The words pass my lips before I have a chance to think about how it sounds. He's shocked. I see his eyes question my proposal, and I know in that instant that he knows my reason for wanting it is the wrong reason.
"I can't." He says with a slight shake of his head.
"I need to feel something other than this pain."
"And after? The pain will numb for a while, but it'll just come back."
"I need this."
Again, he shakes his head. "You need me to love you, and I do. But tonight is not right for us to share each other."
I know he's right. But I'm desperate to feel pleasure instead of pain. I nod, showing him I understand what he's saying, and my eyes drop to the bed.
"Do I show you everyday that I love you?" I question, bringing shock to reflect in his eyes when I look back up at him.
"Yes. In every word, every look, every smile... You make me wonder if I do enough to show you how much I love you."
A tear glides down my cheek, "More than enough." I pause. "I always dreamed I'd have this. I asked God for it everyday, and now you're here... I can't ever remember not knowing you, not loving you."
He doesn't speak for a moment. But when he does, it sets me off crying again. "You're so unbelievably beautiful." He says, tucking my hair behind my ear and wiping the tears from my cheeks. "I don't even think I was living before you. You're the most precious gift I've ever received and I don't know what I'd do without you."
I grab at his hand, praying that the strength I get from him will somehow get me through this visit. I'm nervous. My stomach is doing somersaults.
It's been two weeks since we first learned of my friend's cancer and this is my first time seeing her since. She didn't want me to visit before. She said the chemo was having a bad effect on her and she didn't want me to see her like that. I told her it didn't matter, but she insisted. I'm not sure how I'll react to how she looks. She said some of her hair has fallen out, and that she looks thinner because of being ill in reaction to the treatment. And even though the way she looks is the least of my worries, I don't want to alarm her with a bad response to her appearance. I just want to hold her, to let her know I'm her friend.
I look up at him and he smiles back down at me, gently squeezing my hand for reassurance. He is my strength. He has been since I found out, and I don't want to think of how I would've coped without him by my side.
We stop outside the chemo room and I take a minute to breathe deeply and compose myself.
"You ready to go in?" He asks, and I nod. This is the first time he'll meet her, and I can see by his expression that he's more nervous about seeing her than I am.
I smile. "She's gonna love you," I say to set his mind at ease. I place my hand on the door, ready to push it open, and I hear him take a deep breath from behind me. My eyes close and I mimic his action before we walk inside. My eyes seek her out instantly.
She's sitting in the corner of the room, wearing a scarf on her head, with an IV in her hand and her eyes staring blankly at the TV screen. I notice right away how thin and frail she looks. It brings a tear to my eye, but I fight it back as we slowly make our way over. I want to embrace her and hold her tightly, but as I look at her, I'm scared that the moment I hug her she'll snap in two. But as I feel his fingers strengthen around mine, seeping comfort through his every pore, I stand up straighter knowing that not only will she have one friend here to show her love, but two to give her an extra amount to live on. And at this moment, I'm relieved to be with him and no one else, because he has so much to offer to my friend as well.
I watch her walk out of the chemo room as I make my way toward her from the coffee machine, holding two, steaming cups of coffee. She looks exhausted... emotionally drained. I watch her frame lean against the wall of the corridor and rub her forehead. It's been difficult for her to see her friend looking the way she did, to see her in such a fragile position of her life, and knowing there’s nothing she can do.
I'm only steps away and I see her raise her hand to her chin as she chews on her lip absently. She digesting it all, I can see. She wants to be the one in that room. She wants to be the one taking the suffering for her friend, and I see by her face that she realizes that life will not allow it and this is how it's going to be. But that can't keep her from wishing.
I take my final step toward her and hold out a cup to her. Her eyes lift to my face but they look heavy, "Thanks."
"It's still early days. She'll get stronger."
She forces herself to part from the wall giving her support and nods. "I know. It's just hard for me to see her like that."
I reach out and place my hand on her shoulder. "It's hard for me to see you like this."

~~~~~ A Year Later ~~~~~

I’m sitting at a nearby table, watching as she dances with her best friend, and her illuminating smile lights up my heart. It’s been a while since she’s smiled and meant it. But finally her friend’s battle with cancer is over, and I can see the weight that’s been lifted from her shoulders because of it.
I hear her laugh travel across the room, and I swear I stop breathing for a second. I feel the same way about her today as I did the day I met her. I still get butterflies in my stomach when she's close. My palms still get sweaty when I know I'll be seeing her. The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end with the slightest touch from her. And my knees quiver when her lips meet mine. She is the reason I'm eager to wake up in the morning. My life wouldn't be complete without her. Hell, I don't think it'd be worth living without her. She is everything I need, everything I want, and everything I'm envied for. I'm so lucky to have found 'the one' my first time at love. And, I don't plan to let her go.
I don't want to stop looking at her, seeing her smile, and falling into her eyes. I don't want to live a day without her voice, her touch, or her spirit. I know she is where my heart lies. Without her, I'd be sure to die. She is my everything.
With a smile, I climb to my feet and walk over to her. I continue to watch her dancing but, as I get closer, I know she knows I'm near. Her body seems to smile, I can tell, even though her back is facing me. And as I step up behind her, I feel her body quiver slightly. I'm not sure whether that has something to do with me, but I would like to think I have the same effect on her that she has on me. I reach out to wrap an arm around her waist and she falls against my body with a laugh.
I rest my cheek against the side of her head, my breath grazing the flesh of her ear as I whisper, "I love the way you move." We start to sway side to side in perfect rhythm with the music. It creates a smile to grace her face and she closes her eyes as her hands move to cover mine. I have the same reaction to her touch as she does to my whisper, and as we dance there, both our eyes closed, the people disappear. We're driven by the energy that flows between us, lost in a place that needs only us to survive.
I'm floating. I don't care about anything that is happening or not happening around us. All I know is her presence in my arms. And then... she turns to face me. My eyes open to find her watching my reaction to our connection.
"Don't open your eyes." She says, her voice sending chills down my spine.
In all my life I've never loved anyone close to how I love her. She completes me. My eyes close again and I feel her smile radiate new life into me. I stoop and, without opening my eyes, find her lips without error. She is everything I dreamed, everything I prayed for, and more.
I stir awake and I feel the heat of his body against my back. I smile instantly. Just knowing he's there when I open my eyes is a reason for me to lie in bed just a little longer than I'm supposed to. His arm is draped across my waist, reminding me that he's protecting me, even when I'm not sure I need it. I can hear the gentle, sleepy breath that escapes his nose and I don't want to wake him. I could lie here listening to him sleep forever, but as I bask in the warmth of his body and the feel of his skin on mine, I sigh longingly. I know I have to get up soon, but I don't want to leave my bed right now. I want to lie here, just to be with him, even though he's sleeping.
There's something in the pattern of his breath that brings the tranquillity of another day. I'm always awake before him, and I always lie next to him just taking in the comfort he projects until the moment when I absolutely have to leave his side.
I stroke his forearm gently, feeling every tiny hair placed there. I reach down to his hands and my fingers glide along his.
I love his hands. I love the shape of them, the security and strength they flow into me, even with the slightest touch. There's not a part of him that I don't love, but his hands... There's just something about them that brings me the most intense sense of belonging. I can feel how much he loves me in the look in his eyes and the expression of his face, but when he touches me... It's like a drug.
I know he's awake when he gently moves closer to my body and his hand travels up my body to my face. Without thinking I kiss the tip of each one before turning onto my back so I can see him.
"Morning handsome." I say, my voice breaking the silence of the house.
His eyes close and he is smiling. "Now that's the perfect thing to wake up to."
I frown slightly, "Being called handsome?" I question with a slight laugh.
His eyes open, "Your voice." I can't stop the smile that forms on my lips.
"Well as much as I would love to talk to you right now and lie here forever, I have to go to work." I say, throwing the covers off my body.
But as I'm about to lift my body off the mattress, he brings his arm across my body. "You're not going."
I look at him, eyebrows raised. "I'm not?"
His lifts his head and shifts so he's above me. "You're my prisoner."
I get comfortable on the bed beneath me. "Fine with me."
His hand reaches up to my forehead and he strokes whatever hair was there away, the intensity of the expression on his face rendering me completely willing to exactly what he asks to do. I feel naked beneath his eyes. It's like every part of me is stripped away and he can see to my soul. His lips slowly lower to mine and I find myself gasping quietly with anticipation. It's not the first time he's kissed me but, for some reason, it feels to me like it is.
The touch of his lips make mine tremble, and I know he feels it. But he doesn't stop. I don't want him to. His hand moves to glide through my hair and mine move up to his back. I have no control over my senses. The room is spinning, and all I know is that he's right here with me.
But, without warning, he forces his lips from mine and jumps back from me slightly. "Sorry." He apologizes. "I've got to stop." I'm disappointed, and he knows by the look on my face. But I know why he pulled away. Some things he doesn't have control over, and I don't want him to feel guilty for having a normal reaction.
I sit up beside him, and gently touch his lips with mine. And, as I pull away, he's smiling.
"Where were you before I found you?" The wonderment and adoration for me saturates his question.
"I was looking for you."
"I'm glad you found me when you did."
I giggle to lighten the mood slightly. "Even though it cost you your favourite shirt?"
He reaches up and cups my face, "I got something better."
I can sit there looking at the way he looks at me all day, but I've already been in bed too long. I kiss his wrist. "I want to stay here with you, but I really have to go to work." I climb off the bed against my will, our hands connected until I step too far for him to reach.
"Can't you stay?" He asks as I'm about to walk into the bathroom.
"I want to, but I have a living to earn."
"Then I'll pay you to stay home. Will $50 an hour do it?"
"I wouldn't need you to pay me. I'd do it willingly, but my boss would sack me."
"Then let him. Then I'd get to be with you all the time."
"And just what would you do with me then?" I ask, wearing a wicked grin.
He climbs off the bed and walks toward me, "What would you want me to do with you?" He asks, taking my arms in his hands.
I raise my eyebrows. "I could answer that, but I'm supposed to be an innocent bride and all hopes of that would be dashed."
He pulls me toward him and kisses my forehead. "Then go shower." He says as he walks away from me. "I'll just get back into bed and lie here without you."
I walk into the bathroom and I turn to knock the door shut with my foot, but upon second thoughts I walk back into the bedroom and dive on the bed. "Looks like I'm going to have to spend the day in bed."
He cocks an eyebrow in my direction. "And why's that?"
"I'm really sick." I pretend to sniffle. "And the boss wouldn't want me infecting the clients would he?" He lies back down and I make myself comfortable in his arms, my head resting on his bare chest. I can hear the faint sound his heart makes as it beats and my hand reaches up to his abdomen.
"Do you think it's possible to be too happy?" He asks out of the blue.
I lift my head to look at him. "What do you mean?"
His eyes move from the ceiling to my face. "I don't know. I guess I'm too happy for it to be true and I'm expecting someone to tell me it's against the law or something and take you back."
"Me? I'm half expecting you to have some secret wife hidden away, because guys like you are either taken or gay." I eye him. "You're not gay are you?"
He laughs. "I'm not gay. Well, 'happy' gay... but not 'liking boys' gay."
"Phew!" I smile and then squint my eyes. "Then what's wrong with you? There has to be something wrong with you."
"My feet are too big, my smile is slanted and my ears are too small for my head."
"You're feet and ears are fine, and that smile of yours could've melted the iceberg that sunk the Titanic."
"In that case, I guess there is nothing wrong with me."
"Exactly what I thought, and that can only mean trouble."
I take a deep breath and sigh happily. "Everyday I love you more than the day before. I've never felt like this, and I can't help thinking something has to go wrong."
"Well let me tell you now, from my heart, that as long as it's in my power... nothing will ever go wrong. Because I'm not giving you up without a fight. I don't care if I have to move hell or high water. You're my princess, and I'm your prince. We're each other's happily ever after. It's written in every fairy tale."
I rest my head back on his body, "Then I don't need to be sure of anything else."
I don't know when I fell asleep. But I open my eyes and I check the clock to find it's almost dinner time. I yawn and stretch out across the bed. Then I realize, he's gone. I call to him instantly but I get no response.
I climb out of bed and pull on a pair of jeans and one of his sweatshirts. Still dazed from my sleep, I walk through the house calling his name, but as I reach the top of the staircase it's evident he's not there. I'm puzzled. He never mentioned to me he had anywhere to go today.
I run downstairs and head to the kitchen before taking the phone from the wall and dialling his cell phone. It rings once... and I hear it faintly coming from upstairs. I place the receiver back in its hold. He never leaves without his phone. Now I'm beginning to worry.
I circle the bottom floor, and there's still no sign of him. But as I reach the hallway again, I see him walk through the door being especially careful not to make any sound. I lean on the kitchen door frame and watch him as he creeps toward the stairs.
"Got a secret lover you want to tell me about?" I ask, startling him into spinning to face me.
His hand goes up to his chest to cover his heart, "Wh-"
"Where did you sneak off to?" I question, amusement replacing my worried look from moments before.
"I went to... I had... I needed to get something."
"And it was so urgent you had to leave me sleeping?"
He nodded. He looked somewhat disappointed that I'd found him out, almost like I was spoiling something.
"What was it?" I ask, probing further.
He reaches out for my hand. "Come back to bed."
I raise my eyebrow, "Oh, it's that kind of something?"
"No. I just don't want to do this here."
"Do what?"
"Just come back to bed."
I take his hand, "Okay." I agree, allowing him to lead me back up the stairs and to my room. Once there, he motions to the bed, where I sit in anticipation. He takes a deep breath and lowers to one knee before me and I instantly know what's about to follow. My hand covers my mouth and tears glaze my eyes. He takes my left hand in his and brings his eyes to mine.
"The moment I met you and looked into those amber eyes, I knew in my heart you were going to be a part of my life. But to the extent that being with you was going to be my reason for living, I wasn't prepared for that. I love you in so many ways, and for so many reasons. But I love you the most because of the man I am when I'm with you. I don't exist when I'm not with you. You've consumed my heart and I don't have a hope of surviving this life if you're not with me. My body aches for your touch all the time. My lips tingle if I even go a day without one of your kisses... I'm a mess without you. I love you with every inch of my heart, my soul, and my being. So, would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"
Tears are rolling down my face. My stomach is caught up in knots. My heartbeat is pounding in my ears. I'm winded. My right hand, which is covering my mouth to keep me from gasping, reaches out to caress his cheek and run under his chin as the tears continue to stream down my face. I try to get a smile out of my emotion, and I speak to his eyes.
"You're so beautiful." I take a deep breath, watching his anticipation tense under my fingertips. "And I can't wait to wake up to you every morning... as your wife."
My heart immediately seems to leap in my chest, and all I want to do is wrap my arms around her, never to let go. But I have to get the ring on her finger, the ring I left her in bed to fetch. I know I got the right size ring, but I can't seem to get it on her finger. She reaches out and rests her hand over mine to calm me. Her touch instantly takes away the apprehension and the ring glides up her finger.
As I stand, I place my hands under her arms and lift her in the air. She laughs as I spin around and then lower her to her feet again. Her arms snake up mine and rest on the back of my neck as I dip to kiss her. My whole body reacts with a rush of heat from my head to my toes, and I just don't know how to express my excitement except to kiss her even deeper.
I can feel the reaction my body is having, but I don't want to stop kissing her. I just want to hold her and kiss her. I know in this moment her body has the same urges because her nails dig slightly into my shoulder. Our lips crash time after time and the room disappears. But, like me, she won't let go.
In the moment I lift her from her feet again and head over to the bed before I lower her down gently. I land beside her, and finally our lips part. I look down at her and see there all the reasons I fell in love with her in the first place. Those eyes render me helpless. Her lips break my concentration. I don't care what trials and tribulations we have to go through, as long as she's with me to share it all. She's everything I never thought I would have. All the emotions in the world could never come close to describing what I feel when I'm with her.
All I know is I'm complete, and it's all because of her.

[ Sequel : Always and Forever ]

 © 2002