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He sat and watched her side profile as she sat in front of the computer terminal. Her long brown hair covering half of her face as she punched key after key. She glanced at the notes in front of her on the desk and tucked her hair gracefully behind her ear. Her hands poised over the keys before tap, tap, tap. She was a vision of beauty. It wasn't plainly obvious, but he saw it.

She gently pushed the gold framed glasses that had slowly slid down her nose in the time he'd been watching her, back up to the bridge and she looked up to speak to someone who had popped their head around her office door. Her voice sent sweet soothing tones to his ears and he could feel his eyes watching her lips, not wanting to miss a single movement they made. The gloss pasted on them glistened under the lights of the room, and he imagined what it would be like to kiss her. To sweep his hand across her desk sending everything placed there to the floor before laying her down and doing ungodly things to her. He remained composure, but then she looked at him. Her eyes deep and swallowing him whole. They gave him the key to her soul and what he saw there was more than he'd hoped to find. It whispered of seduction. It screamed of vulnerability and it echoed desire.

Suddenly she pulled her eyes away, immediately going back to typing and he could tell by the concentration on her face that she was avoiding his watchful eye. He knew she could feel them burning into her skin and he could tell she was excited by it. It was something in the way she’d tuck her hair behind her ear and glance at him out of the corner of her eye. He wondered if she craved his touch like he wanted hers. He wondered if she was visualizing them together like he was.

As he watched her, someone else appeared in the room, asking for a case file.

Getting up from her seat, she walked away from him toward the window and he found himself watching her intently. Like his every breath relied on her movement. Her hips swayed provocatively, her ass begging his hands to grasp it tightly and her legs so long, they seemed to be all she was made of. He imagined how soft her skin was. He wanted her now, in front of the intruder that didn’t register to him. It was just him and her.

Then it happened. She passed over the case file and they were alone. He had to take this opportunity before it was missed. Walking over to the office door he closed and locked it from the inside. Slowly made his way over to where she stood in front of the filing cabinet sorting through files.

The front of his body barely touched her back as he stood behind her and still the sexual tension rose in waves and echoed throughout the room. His mouth moved close enough that she could feel his breath on the small hairs of her neck. But he didn’t speak. He just took in the scent of her, so subtle and yet so potent.

His right hand came up and rested on her thigh, causing her to fall backward toward him so their bodies were pressed together. He could barely see her face as her head rested on his shoulder. But her eyes were closed and the ecstasy on her face said everything she couldn’t bring her lips to. He could feel himself stiffen second by second as she gyrated her hips against him.

Her breathing suddenly became heavy with the anticipation of what was to come and small beads of sweat formed above her brow. Her lips were dry and in the hope of reviving them, she slowly licked them from left to right.

He watched her tongue moving slowly across her mouth and caught himself amidst imagining them upon him. He had to concentrate on something else. A smile tugged at his lips as his hand clawed it’s way up her leg, lifting her dress. She wasn’t wearing panties, which aroused him more. But he was going to take his time. Gently he brought his lips down to caress the left side of her neck, tantalizing and tormenting her into a state of euphoria.

A moan escaped her lips before she had a chance to protest it being heard and she cursed herself momentarily for letting him know she’d become vulnerable, but she was having too much fun to care. He’d awakened a part of her that had been dead for over two years and she liked the erotic feeling that came along with it. Her mouth moved toward his, but he moved them to her bare shoulder, exposed by the thin strapped dress she wore. He was teasing her, and though there was an intensity to the situation, a gentle undertone controlled the atmosphere.

She turned in his arms to face him. The alluring look in her eye letting him know she was prepared for him to take the lead.

A small smile poised on his lips and his hand moved up to her hair. He gently ran his hand through and tucked some hair behind her ear so he could take in the full view of her face.

Her eyes closed, concentrating on his touch as the back of his hand slowly glided down her face to her chin. Her loins twitched and she exhaled deeply, trying to keep hidden her urgency to feel his rock hard erection within her nagging purse. His hand cupped her chin and brought her face closer to his before his mouth devoured her’s.

As they kissed his hand traveled up between her legs and they fell open anticipating his touch. His fingers were a poor substitute for the part of him she craved. But as his fingers found the moist bud of her clitoris she thrust against his hand and closed her eyes. Her will wasn’t strong enough and she could swear her groans would be heard throughout the building. But she didn’t care. The risk was part of the arousal.

He watched the pleasure etched on her face and was overcome with a certain modesty knowing he’d caused that. But quickly moved his hand, causing her to moan in protest. He didn’t want her to orgasm yet. He wanted to take her to her very limit before that happened.

Her eyes opened and a smile met her lips as her hand reached down to the front of his pants. She unbuttoned the fly and released him from his prison. As her hand connected with the soft skin of his manhood a long breath whistled through his teeth which caused her to smile. Moving her hand back and forth along the shaft, her mouth slowly grew close to his. But just before their lips touched, she pulled away. She continued tossing him off until she heard a satisfactory roar boil up at the back of his throat and that’s when she removed her hand.

A smile met his lips, “Tease.” He whispered.

“But you like that.” She whispered back.

“I’ll show you what I like.” He said taking her dress in his hand and lifting it over her head so that she was stood naked before him.

Automatically she reached up to the lapel of his shirt and ripped it open. The buttons popped from the material and fell to the floor, exposing his naked torso. But she wasn’t done there. Laying her hands of the waistline of his pants, she slid them down to the floor, following them until she landed on her knees. She eyed his erection before looking up to catch his glare. She smiled wickedly and gently kissed the tip before climbing back to her feet.

Instantly he kicked off his shoes, allowing his pants access to shed his ankles and they stood, exposed, taking in the view of each other’s natural form.

She licked her lips, “What fine shape you’re in.” She commented stepping closer to him.

“All the better to keep this going for hours and hours.” He smiled raising his eyebrows.

“Hmmm.” Her lips found his and they engaged in a long passionate kiss as their hot sweaty bodies pressed together.

Grabbing her legs just below her buttocks, he lifted her from her feet and rested her on his waist. Her legs automatically came up to wrap around him and he moved to press her against a nearby wall. Breaking from the kiss, he slowly sank his stiff cock inside her wet pussy causing a muted gasp to escape into the air. He held her there for a while, leaning forward to touch her lips lightly with his own, before moving inside her.

She moved up and down the wall grasping at his shoulders tightly, letting regular sighs of pleasure surround them.

He watched her moving gracefully and battled to control the orgasm quickly edging toward his surface.

Her pleasure echoed throughout her body, rocking her to the core as the sex continued.

Suddenly he shifted and settled her on an empty space on her desk. Her legs automatically came up to wrap around his neck, and as the penetration became deeper she almost squealed with the heightened pleasure it caused. Biting on her bottom lip, she contained her need to scream as her orgasm moved even closer.

Just when he thought her orgasm would never come he felt her muscles tighten and contract as she screamed out in ultimate pleasure. But he wasn’t quite finished with her yet.

As she shifted her legs back down to his sides, he lifted her from the desk and dropped down into her office chair.

With a satisfactory smile, she slowly beginning to bob up and down upon him.

It wasn’t long before he threw his head back and roared with his ejaculation.

As he opened his eyes and looked up at her, she smiled, still holding him inside her. She kissed him, “We’re going to get caught.”

“Maybe it’s time people knew about us.” He stated. Their relationship had been kept a secret for far too long and he wanted the world to know he loved this girl.

She looked around the office, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at this place the same ever again.”

Suddenly a loud knocking came at the locked door, “Adele?”

“Shit, that’s Dominic, he’s come for the re-writes of his lines.” She laughed, jumping from his lap and rushing to get their clothes. He stood up as she threw his clothes at him, “Quick, get dressed.” She ordered, slipping her dress over her head.

With a chuckle he put on his pants and hastily put on his shirt, “What are you gonna tell him?”

She laughed again, “I dunno.”

“Um, El… what am I gonna do about this?” He asked, looking down at his button free shirt.

“Put your jacket on.”

“Okay.” He said, rushing over to where he’d sat watching her and grabbed his jacket.

She looked over at him as he sat down, “You ready?” He nodded. “Good.” She nodded, unlocking the door and pulling it open. “Dominic.”

He frowned at her, “What was your office doing locked?” He asked, stepping over the threshold.

“Oh, I was uh, just eating lunch.” She lied.

He eyed Wentworth and noticed instantly that he was barefoot, “Really?”

She nodded, “Yes.”

He shook his head with a ruthless smile, “All right, I’ll buy it for now, but only because I need my re-writes to get back to work. Just do me a favour,” He said taking a sheet of paper from her, “tell Wentworth that he might want to dress properly before he leaves the building.” He winked at her before leaving the room.

She fought to keep from laughing, “Sure.” Closing the door she let out a short laugh.

“Do you think he knew?” Wentworth asked getting up from his seat.

She nodded confidently, “He knew.” She said with a shake of her head, “We’ll be luck if he keeps that a secret around the set.”

When he reached her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her lightly on the end of her nose, “Well, as long as he knows. Do you think he’ll let people know you’re going to be busy for a few hours?”

She smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck, “What they don’t know…” She trailed off, kissing him.

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