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Yes, I'm back. But this time I thought I'd vary the fan fiction you find here... instead of making it about one particular celebrity, I'm bringing you a small variety.


In the past I've written fictions about such celebrities as Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez from NSYNC, and more recently I've written some Charlie Hunnam and Channing Tatum fiction - but I've moved on with writing and found new subjects to mess with. LOL.

So, although you'll find some of my old work here [involving the celebrities mentioned above], any of the new fiction I write will involve the celebrities you see on the left side of your screen - Jensen Ackles [top], Carmine Giovinazzo [middle] and Wentworth Miller [bottom].


My old fictions were written some years ago, meaning you may have read before. But I'm showing off what I consider to be my best work. Although, if you've been reading my fiction for years and there's one that you enjoyed that hasn't made it onto the site that you'd like to read it again, please feel free to email me requesting it gets a place here.


I will also be hosting on this site. So, got a story about any of the above and got nowhere to show it off? Email me -