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She walked into the club pissed off at the world. She craved a good night out and even if she had to fight every step of the way, she was determined to get it. So many things in her life lately were holding her back, and if she wasn't a fighter she may have given up a long time ago.

But tonight, she wasn't going to be consumed by the problems of everyday life. Tonight she was just Caitlin, a woman out for a good night.

As soon as the waves of music met her ears, she was moving in rhythm to it. She loved music. It was often her escape from the craziness that surrounded her. She got lost inside the beat, and it had saved her more than once. Whenever days got too tough to get through she would just jump in her car, pump up the stereo and drive.

Her hips swayed as she made her way to the bar and placed her order of a Long Island Ice Tea unaware that she had captured his attention the minute he'd laid his eyes on her.

He watched her take the straw between her lips as she looked out to the dance floor and his full concentration took in every movement of it. Her tongue wrapped lightly around the tip while the fluid glided into her mouth and slid down her throat.

The gleam of the red sleeveless shirt with a diagonal rush from her left shoulder to her right hip of black glitter brought him from his daydream and he was about to head over to her when she laid her glass on the bar. She seemed to glide to the dance floor where she picked her spot and began to dance. Her eyes were semi closed and her whole body flowed with the music, which had captivated her since the second she'd entered.

He was mesmerized, but that didn't last long before he was making his way over to her.

Stepping behind her he studied her body for a minute, getting to know the way she was moving and memorizing it. He stepped around her, so she was in front of him and leaned in close to her ear, "May I?" He asked, instantly getting a sly smile from her glossy cinnamon lips.

She didn't even need to reply. It was all in her eyes. Stepping closer still he placed his hand lightly on her black hot pant covered hip which seemed to cause her to move more provocatively. He didn't mind. He vibed off it and his hips moved with the same intensity.

The two of them were completely oblivious to the strangers that surrounded them. They were lost in the music, in the dancing and in each other.

Boldly he watched her moving against him, and beads of sweat began to roll down from his forehead. Just watching her move had him imagining how good the after hour spot would be, but he wasn't sure he would be able to wait that long.

He gulped hard and tried not to think of her sucking on that straw. Anything but that. But he still held her eyes, and as her leg came up to rest on his hip he was finding it hard not to just lay her on the dance floor and take her in front of everybody. He wanted tonight to mean something. He didn't want it to be like the other girls he'd bedded. He wanted to see this girl again... and again... and again.

His hand tucked beneath her knee and held her leg in position so their groins were touching. He could see the ecstasy running in her eyes and knew they were just mirroring his own.

They stayed locked in the position for a minute before he let her leg go and leaned forward slowly, connecting their lips for the first time since they'd been made aware of each other. The kiss was gentle, despite the yearning rising between them and as the song reached it's end, they didn't move.

They took in the taste of each other. She tasted like the vanilla painted on her lips and he tasted of rum and coke he’d been drinking that night. It sent her head spinning. She had no idea the night would turn out to be this good. The question was, would it get better?

Pulling away, he licked his lips and tasted the sugary sweetness of her icing lip gloss. He smiled at her and held out his shaky hand. No woman had ever had this effect on him before, least of all one he'd hadn't even been properly introduced to.

She took his hand and followed him to the back of the club. They stopped at the wall and with her back pressed against it she beckoned him closer so she could whisper into his ear, "Kiss me again."

"Don't you think I should know your name before I become rude."

"Well, I need to know your name so I can remember to put it at the top of my 'Best Kisses Ever' list."

"Is that a pick up line?"

"No, it's a truthful comment." She held out her hand, "Cat."

He looked down at her hand and took it in his as he leaned in, "Charlie." He whispered, before his lips met her neck. Her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head the way his lips and tongue was teasing the sensitive flesh under her ear. He moved down slowly until his lips met hers for a second time. He pressed up against her, his hand placed flat against the wall she was supported by. Her hands came around to his back, one placed firmly on his hip while the other found it's way up the back of his shirt and connected with his hot sweaty flesh, making it easier for her fingers to glide across his toned back. The muscle alone turned her desire higher, and she groaned against his lips. "Mm, damn Charlie. You definitely work out."

He whispered between kisses. "Endurance and energy are very important to me." He opened his eyes for a brief moment to see hers wide and a large grin on her mouth.

"So do you work out for extensive periods of time?" She leaned forward and grabbed a brief kiss from his opened lips.

When she pulled away, he grinned back at her in the same mischievous manner, "I can go for hours. I like... to go for hours." Leaning against her again, he crashed his lips against hers once more, taking her in.

She could feel him from head to toe, pressed against the front of her frame, and the knowledge of that feeling only made her want to know even more what was beneath the layer of clothing. He was a magnificently designed creature with suave to glide on and charm unmissed. But his rugged sexiness was what was making her body hot. He was pure sex in that moment, and she had neglected herself the pleasure of a man like that for far too long.

The more their lips caressed each other, the more heat consumed them. Charlie resentfully pushed away and grabbed her hand. "Not here."

He couldn't get any sexier to her then, and she knew she needed him. She gasped for breath, "We need to get out of here." She squeezed his hand within her grasp, "Now."

"My car is outside." He leaned over and spoke into her ear as they made their way through the crowd and toward the door.


His front door flung open and his house keys just dropped to the floor as they scrambled to get inside the house with their lips locked together. She was already tugging at his shirt, and he started to pull her toward the stairs. She pulled his shirt up to under his arms, and he lifted them up to allow her to rip it from his torso. "Coffee? Anything?" He asked quickly.

"Nothing but you." Her hands flattened against his chest, and she groaned as she captured his lips again. But within a minute she was pulling away to take in the full view of him. His body still glistened with the sweat their connection had caused and his toned stomach had her smiling. She liked what she saw... a lot. With a smile, she lowered her hands to her sides and lifted up her shirt, pulling it over her head and arms, and tossed it to the side of the stairs.

"Damn, you're good." He licked his lips at the sight of her.

"Then take me." She said before pouncing again.

They began to make their way up the stairs and clothes were being shed and left everywhere.

They landed the top step and Charlie pulled away to look down at her with an adventurous gleam in his eyes and a smile on his face. Bending over, he grabbed her thighs and hoisted her up to wrap them around his waist. Her arms locked around his neck and she laughed. The next sound that was heard was the slamming of his bedroom door.


~~~~~ The Next Morning ~~~~~

Caitlin’s eyes drowsily fluttered open, and she yawned. Her reflexes wanted to stretch but something firm hindered her movements. Her eyes opened wider, and she craned her neck to see not only two but four feet sticking out from the end of the bedspread. But the bedspread wasn't hers. Suddenly, she remembered the events from that previous night and morning, and a small giggle escaped her lips.

Charlie stirred next to her, and she ceased the light laughter immediately, but it was too late. His eyes were open and looking down at her.

"Hi." She smiled.

His lips twitched and a smile formed on them. "Hello."

"Get any good sleep?" She beamed.

A chuckled passed his lips, and he nodded. Then his head began to shake. "Damn, girl, you're wild."

She untangled herself from his arms and propped herself up on an elbow to look at him. "I was testing to see if your endurance and energy were up to par."

He grinned and connected eyes with her. "And are they?"

Leaning down to press a sweet kiss to his chest and look up to him from there, she whispered, "Everything on you is up to par... And then some."

A deep-throated laugh came from him, and he raised his hand up to rub the sleep from his eyes. "Thank you." He yawned then dropped his hand to caress the silky skin of her back. "Would you like me to make breakfast?"

Her eyes widened. "I sleep with you and you make me breakfast? A girl could get used to this." She laughed.

"Come on then." He smiled and pushed her up.


"I could get used to you too." He grinned.

"Oh? How's that?" She sat up and stretched.

He paused for a second, watching her limbs roll and move with ease. "You give a guy a damn good reason to stay in shape."

With that, Caitlin rolled over on the bed in laughter then hopped up to wrap the sheet around her. "You don't get out of making breakfast with flattery Mr. I worked up quite an appetite." She smiled grabbing his hand and leading him from the room.

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