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With a yawn she stretched to wake up. She knew he’d been gone from their bed a few hours and she knew exactly why. One more yawn spurred her into action. Climbing from bed she reached for her silky overdress before she made her way downstairs. There he was – as predictable as ever – standing in the lounge in nothing but his underwear with the Hoover waiting for when she showed her face. Turning as she entered the room, his lips shaped in a smile and he leaned toward her as she lessened the distance between them. His lips found hers without hesitation for a full kiss.

“Morning beautiful.” He greeted her.

She nodded, still barely functioning. “Morning Charlie.” She said making her way to the couch to sit down.

He turned on his heel and went straight to the kitchen to pour her a hot drink before returning minutes later.

“Here you go angel.” He passed her the steaming mug.

She smiled, “Thank you.” She said, resting her head on the back of the couch and closing her eyes.

“Why don’t you take your coffee up to bed? I’ll come up after I’ve hoovered.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” She wearily got to her feet. She shuffled over to him and applied a kiss to his lips. “I’ll see you in a bit.”

He licked his lips and watched her leave the room with a smile before he switched on the Hoover.


Tina yawned as she walked into their bedroom and placed her coffee on the closest bedside table. She hadn’t needed any extra encouragement to go back to bed. Being up at seven every weekday morning made her take advantage of a lie-in at weekends whenever she could.

She removed her housecoat and dropped down on the mattress, her head hitting the pillow sending a heavenly feeling throughout her whole body. She knew it’d be an hour or so before her boyfriend would join her, he always went all out on the housework at the weekend, meaning she only had to keep on top of it in the week and with her having 10-hour days at work it was a big help.

She got into a comfortable position almost instantly and it didn’t take her long to drift back off to sleep. But she woke a few hours later when she heard movement in the room and an involuntary smile met her lips, without her having to open her eyes.

He climbed into bed behind her and draped an arm over her waist as he edged closer to her body, pressing his front into her back so she could feel his manhood coming to life. It was always the reason he’d come back to bed. Lifting his head he nibbled at her shoulder.

“Are you awake?” He whispered applying small yet affective kisses upon her skin.

Slowly she turned to face him, her smile held as his head lowered, taking her mouth in a slow, intoxicating kiss, which left her breathless and aching for more. Her tongue explored the inside of his mouth and met his causing excitement to spiral through her body. Her limbs felt heavy and her stomach tensed with anticipation as Charlie broke the kiss and lifted her nightdress over her head, smiling as he caught sight of her naked torso. He kissed her again, as he positioned himself between her legs. She could feel the full extent of his arousal now pressing into her hip as he caressed her breasts, sending shockwaves of ecstasy rippling through every inch of her body.

Wasting no time at all his mouth left her lips and he kissed down her body until he came upon her breasts. Cupping one in his hand, he placed his mouth over the hardened nipple and circled it with his tongue causing her to give off a low moan of delight. He moved to the other, determined to give it equal attention, and gently grazed his teeth around it. Her back buckled, urging him not to stop. But he did. His mouth connected to her’s again, sharing an intensifying kiss. Pulling away, he took a moment to look over her face, and he could see in her flushed cheeks and her deep eyes that she was getting as much pleasure out of their connection as he was.

He paused, looking deep into her eyes, “I love you.”

She couldn’t speak; all she could feel was the eagerness deep inside that made her want him. Her hips arched in a silent demand for him to make love to her.

He moved down, kissing down her flat stomach until he came to her navel, he circled it once and continued down toward her hairy mound. His eyes fell on the soft, moist folds of her sex, which had a rosy glow of desire about them, and his penis began to throb. He was completely surrounded by the scent of her, overwhelmed by it. He lowered his lips upon her and used his tongue to search out her clitoris. He knew when he’d found it because Tina squealed out in pleasure. As he flicked his tongue against the swollen bud, her hips gyrated against his face. She was reveling in the rapture that filled her senses and she began to lose control. But before her release Charlie pulled away and he forced a kiss to her mouth, coating her lips with her own juices.

She pulled out of the kiss and pushed him over onto his back beside where she lay. Now it was her turn. She reached down his body and took his rock hard erection into her hand, her hand cool and soft as it ran slowly along the shaft. Slowly she slid down the bed until she was eye level with the rod of flesh that rose up from his groin, and then she moved her hand. Her lips formed an ‘O’ shape and she slipped the tip of his manhood between them. He exhaled with a juddering sigh and a dart of pleasure shot through him as she drew the full length of him into her mouth. All his attention focused on the sweet sensation in his groin as Tina began to suck rhythmically on his shaft. As she found the moist slit in the bulb with her tongue, she heard him inhaled deeply and she knew he was ready.

Moving her mouth from around him, she slid back to her original position and straddled his groin. She gently flattened his penis against his belly and began to slide herself up and down the length of him. Feeling him between her legs sent ripples of exquisite pleasure travelling throughout her body and she could feel herself beginning to reach her climatic peak. She guided him inside her and enveloped his shaft within her vagina.

“Oh… Mmhmm…” He murmured barely audible.

He watched as she bobbed slowly upon him. He concentrated on the hot, soft flesh of her sex upon him and drew her face down to his and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth in time with his cock as it burrowed deeper into her.

She pulled away, needing to be the figure of authority. Her climax built, spiralling her out of control and she couldn’t prolong it any more. She bobbed frantically, “Ahh, yes… yes…” Her clitoris stiffened for an instant then throbbed fiercely as her orgasm broke.

That was his cue. He shifted her into the missionary position and started to thrust into her, increasing speed and ferocity so that she cried out. A second orgasm triggered by the friction of his body inside hers. He could feel the ejaculation as it moved along his shaft. His pace never wavered; he just kept thrusting until the semen spurt from his tip, hitting the neck of her womb. 

He slumped forward, meeting her lips with his and they shared a long post sex kiss before he released his penis from within her and collapsed on the bed. Instantly he pulled her into his arms and covered them with the disarrayed bedcover. Bathing in the afterglow of their lovemaking, they fell into a satisfied slumber, exhausted.

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